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Who we Are

At Chandigarh Hair Transplant Centre we specialise in the treatment of male and female pattern hair loss, tailoring treatment plans to each patient’s specific needs. Every patient who attends Chandigarh Cosmetic centre is seen by a qualified doctor, Dr. Rahul Goyal. Patients are given independent advice as to their options; the decision to proceed with surgery is that of the patient.

Hair Transplant in Chandigarh

Our Services

Male Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure used to treat baldness or hair loss. Typically,Dr.RahulGoyal remove tiny patches of scalp from the back and sides of the head and implanted in the bald spots in the front and top of the head.

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Female Hair Transplant

A woman’s hair is her crowning glory and one of the features many women spend the most time and money on. If it begins to fall out, it can be more than just upsetting, it can be absolutely devastating. It can lead to total loss of confidence and even depression. There are many reasons for female hair loss and balding, including hair extensions, post-pregnancy balding, busy and stressful lifestyles or illness.

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Beard Hair Transplant

Facial Hair Transplants – in this case Beard Restoration specifically - saw a significant increase around the world over the past year. If you have sparse facial hair, patchiness or any facial scars, a beard transplant, aslo known as a facial hair transplant, may be the only permanent solution for you.

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Eyebrow Hair Transplant

Eyebrows give a person’s face a look of balance. Some people who have lost eyebrow hair have tried drawing color in with eyebrow pencil or tattooing eyebrows in place but the look is never quite as satisfactory or natural as actual hair. Eyebrow transplantation surgery has developed finer techniques over the years.

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Client's Quotes

  • I ,Manish had baldness & had tried various oils – medicines etc. but without any results. I search for better hair transplant surgeon. I have visited quite a few of them in Surat, Ahmedabad & Mumbai but I was satisfied the way in which Dr. Rahul Goyal explained me in detail the planning & procedure of hair transplant keeping in mind my future probable hair loss.

    - Manish
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  • I am from Canada. I searched for Hair Transplant surgeon from there. I get my procedure done by Dr.Rahul Goyal. Nearly 5350 hair graft units were transplanted in a single day !! I was really amazed! Even in mumbai I was told that it would take minimum two days.. I am very happy with the result. I would say I am totally satisfied with doctor .

    - Anil Patel: NRI
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  • Was scared before coming , had lots of doubts since they were new, confused but finally met the Dr. Rahul Goyal very young and energetic but quite confident and experienced and most important thing I was scared in the middle of the surgery and he assured me there would not be pain and I m happy that he did it.

    - Ratnesh Kumar, Gurgaon (Delhi).
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  • Satisfied with my procedure, very supportive Doctor, Had great time while on procedure with no pain. Very good follow up after procedure, Made me very comfortable. I am very happy with Dr. Rahul Goyal and will definetly recommend to my friends.

    - Habeeb Ahmed, Mumbai (Maharashtra).
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